10 Inch LED Ring Light with Tripod and Phone Mount

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Go Live with the 10 In. Streaming Essentials LED Ring Light with Tripod and Phone Mount. The LED light ring features dimming options 10 levels of brightness and 3 light color modes: warm soft (white and warm) and white light. The color option has 15+ colors to choose from with remote control. It's ideal for makeup photography product photography fashion photography video shooting and more!


Flattering Facial Close-Ups
Using a ring light is the most effective method for achieving flattering results with your portrait images.

Eliminating Harsh Shadows
The illumination from a ring light is basically coming from every direction there are no shadows that can exaggerate negative features.

Pleasing Eye CatchLight in Portraits
Since our eyes are circular this gives a very natural appearance. Some portrait and fashion photographers will even add ring lights to full lighting set up simply to create this halo-shaped ring light reflection.

Soft Light Quality
Soft gentle lighting is a basic feature of ring lights. As you may already know the quality of the light ranging from a hard point to a soft wash can greatly affect the final image.


30 Day Warranty