Crystal Jewelry Rose Flower Wedding Rings - size 5 - Jewelry
Crystal Jewelry Rose Flower Wedding Rings - Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry Rose Flower Wedding Rings

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You know, these are shown as wedding rings.  And you think... yikes, I'd want a ring that is more valuable than that!  We understand.  BUT... did you think about those times that you take your "REAL" ring off for travel, yard work, or those deep cleaning days?  I know I always get a little jumpy when I look down and my ring is off.  So, consider this an alternative ring.  One that you can wear when you don't want to risk damage or loss of your REAL ring.   I mean, who would know the difference if you are traveling.  This way, if you become the facebook story of losing a ring in the ocean, you will have the comfort of knowing that the REAL one is home safe and sound.   Another great use for this is if you are having weight fluctuations.  Baby on the way, or just arrived, I had a replacement ring during that time.  Funny story, I wanted to wear my "REAL" ring so bad, I put it on and had to have it cut off my "too fat" finger.  Lesson learned.  I wore the substitute, until I lost enough weight to comfortable fit in my ring again.