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'Enjoy Every Moment' Inspirational print

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Remember those times when your mom would read you stories before bed and you two would laugh and laugh just reading and enjoying life? Remember running around the house, your dad chasing you and you two nearly dying laughing? Weren't those the good ol' days, always carefree and happy? When you began to grow up, you forgot to cherish those happy times, thinking that they never mattered. Boy were you wrong. Now you have kids of your own and you and I both know you've learned your lesson, so don't make that mistake again and hang this Enjoy Every Moment Design up to make sure that you and the rest of your family know and remember to enjoy every moment of your lives because the happy times don't last forever.
  • 5x7 ~ 8x10 ~ 11X14 Size choices
  •  Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love
  •  Made to order
  •  Frame is not included in the purchase
  •  Handmade in USA
  •  Arrives in 5-7 days